[Ipopt] MSVC 2010 support for Ipopt

Marcel Roelofs Marcel.Roelofs at aimms.com
Mon Mar 14 09:18:14 EDT 2011

With all the recent requests regarding support for using the existing
Ipopt DLL's for Windows with MSVC 2010, I've done a little bit of work
to make this considerably less of a burden. Although I don't have the
intention to distribute VS 2010 compiled DLL's myself right now (the
current distributed DLL's are compiled using VS 2005 + IFortran), I have
split the existing Ipopt DLL into two separate DLL's: one (C++) DLL
containing Ipopt proper, and a second DLL containing all Fortran-based
sources (ie. Mumps, Blas, Lapack), exporting just those functions that
are needed by Ipopt proper.
This will change little to the existing binary distribution other than
that you have to distribute 2 instead of 1 DLL's now, but it does allow
you to convert just the v8-ifort Ipopt project proper to MSVC 2010, and
link it against the import library of the DLL containing all the Fortran
based stuff. Because the latter is a pure Win32 DLL (ie. not exporting
any C++ interfaces that prohibited the use of the existing Ipopt DLL
under MSVC 2010), the 'Fortran' DLL can just be used in MSVC 2010
without any problems. I've verified that the hs071 example compiled with
VS 2010 in this manner runs just fine. 
I've committed the necessary changes to the Ipopt trunk, backported them
to the 3.9.2 release, and have just uploaded the split 3.9.2 binaries to
the binary distribution
Marcel Roelofs
Paragon Decision Technology B.V.

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