[Ipopt] F77_FUNC cannot be used ...

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Tue Jan 25 10:21:43 EST 2011

Hi Roger,

I don't have a MAC to try this on, but it seems that the link you provided 
might have some answers.

When you write you looked at the config.log file, did you look at the one 
in the Ipopt subdirectory?  (There are several of those files around.)

And did you try to see what happens when you add the -arch=x86_64 flag?

What might help you to find out how to fix this is to look into the 
Ipopt/config.log file (again, note the subdirectory) and look at the lines 
after the string

"checking for Fortran name-mangling scheme"

Maybe you can see that there are some error messages from the Fortran 
compiler that tell you if there is a flag missing etc.  Usually, when a 
test compilation fails, the config.log file contains the text of the 
source file and you could just try to compile it stand-along, looking for 
the correct way to call the Fortran compiler in your setup.  However, note 
that in some cases the compilation is meant to fail on purpose, for 
example, when the script is trying to determine of certain symbols can be 

Anyway, I hope this points somewhat in a useful direction...


On Tue, 25 Jan 2011, Roger Koenker wrote:

> I'm new to Ipopt, and trying to install 3.9.2 on a macpro 10.6.6.  Using the recommended
> 	 ../configure ADD_FFLAGS="-mmacosx-version-min=10.4"
> configuration ends normally, but make produces lots of messages like this:
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/LinAlg/IpBlas.cpp: In function 'void Ipopt::IpBlasDtrsm(bool, Ipopt::Index, Ipopt::Index, Ipopt::Number, const Ipopt::Number*, Ipopt::Index, Ipopt::Number*, Ipopt::Index)':
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/LinAlg/IpBlas.cpp:211: error: 'dtrsm' was not declared in this scope
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/LinAlg/IpBlas.cpp:211: error: 'DTRSM' was not declared in this scope
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/LinAlg/IpBlas.cpp:211: error: 'F77_FUNC' cannot be used as a function
> I don't see any WARNINGS in the config.log file as reported in:
> 	http://negfeedback.blogspot.com/2009_12_01_archive.html
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Roger Koenker
> rkoenker at illinois.edu
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