[Ipopt] Problems with installing Ipopt and Pardiso

Andreas Waechter awaechter.iems at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 14:42:54 EST 2011

Hallo Klaas!

Ich hoffe, Dir geht's gut!!!

Sorry you are having trouble compiling Ipopt with Pardiso.   There could 
be several reasons, maybe some library (such as "-lpthread") is missing, 
or the version of Pardiso is incompatible.

A good way to figure out what is going on is to look at the config.log 
file.  Here are instructions on how to find out where precisely to look 
for.  This will help you find the part of the config.log file that has 
the particular error message from the link attempt with your Pardiso 


Hope this helps.

Frohe Feiertage,


On 12/15/2011 06:20 AM, Klaas Eggert wrote:
> Dear all,
> I try to install Ipopt with the linear solver Pardiso.
> I downloaded the current version of Ipopt and Pardiso with a valid 
> license.
> When I start 'configure' with the following options
> ../configure --with-pardiso=-qsmp=omp 
> /home/euklid/thiedau/software/pardiso/libpardiso412-GNU430-X86-64.so
> I get this error message in the output:
> checking whether user-supplied Pardiso library "-qsmp=omp 
> /home/euklid/thiedau/software/pardiso/libpardiso412-GNU430-X86-64.so" 
> works... configure: error: Pardiso library -qsmp=omp 
> /home/euklid/thiedau/software/pardiso/libpardiso412-GNU430-X86-64.so 
> does not seem to work
> configure: error: /bin/sh '../../Ipopt/configure' failed for Ipopt
> and this one in config.log:
> configure:23347: running /bin/sh '../../Ipopt/configure' 
> --prefix=/home/euklid/thiedau/CoinIpopt/buildwPardiso 
> '--with-pardiso=-qsmp=omp 
> /home/euklid/thiedau/software/pardiso/libpardiso412-GNU430-X86-64.so' 
> --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=../../Ipopt
> configure:23352: error: /bin/sh '../../Ipopt/configure' failed for Ipopt
> Without Pardiso I have no problems during the installation of Ipopt 
> and Pardiso works fine without Ipopt.
> Can anybody help me to make it work.
> Thanks,
> Klaas

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