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Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Aug 5 04:29:34 EDT 2011


thanks for recognizing (and reporting), and thanks for the link to the 
4.0.3 tarball. I updated ThirdParty/Metis (trunk, stable/1.*) and made 
new releases.
If it's urgent, you may use Ipopt/stable/3.10, until there is a new 
Ipopt release.


Am 05.08.2011 09:40, schrieb Jonathan Hogg:
> Unless they've gone back to compatibility with the old version the API
> has changed, and the best way forwards is probably to write some form of
> wrapper that takes calls from the old version and translates to the new
> version.
> I think the only routine used by IPOPT (or rather the linear solvers
> involved) is Metis_nodeND which as an extra argument and a changed
> options structure.
> Our advice to users of the HSL codes (incl MA57) is just to grab the
> v4.0 tarball while we try and figure out the nicest way to call v5 which
> is fairly C-centric (eg requires passing of NULL pointers for missing
> arguments, not so easy from Fortran without requiring a f2003 compliant
> compiler).
> The old version is available from the following webpage:
> http://glaros.dtc.umn.edu/gkhome/fsroot/sw/metis/OLD
> Jonathan.
> On 05/08/11 05:05, Giacomo Nannicini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> it seems to me that the code in ThirdParty/Metis for getting Metis
>> does not work anymore: version 4.0 is no longer available from what I
>> gather, after the release of 5.0. This is a very recent change (new
>> version was released today, I believe).
>> Not sure if it's the Ipopt people that should have a look at
>> ThirdParty software, but Metis is a dependency of Ipopt in any case.
>> You may want to have a look. The modifications to do seem pretty
>> straightforward, only a couple of directory names have changed (most
>> notably, /Lib is now /libmetis).
>> Giacomo
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