[Ipopt] Detecting violated constraint qualification

Bernhard Willert willert at ifam.uni-hannover.de
Mon Sep 6 08:30:09 EDT 2010


I'm joining this question because it is still unanswered and I have a
similar problem.

I also have the supicion that my problem matrizes are rank deficient. Is
there any output option to print the size of the rank deficiency?
And the same question as below: Is there any mechanism to detect the
redundant / linearly dependent constraints?
Best regards,

Martin Schmidt schrieb:
> Hi at all,
> I try to solve an optimization problem with Ipopt and I often get the
> messages "1 Slack too small, adjusting variable bound" or "WARNING:
> Problem in step computation; switching to emergency mode."
> I read in other postings to this list that these errors might occur if
> the problem doesn't satisfy the LICQ. Is there any mechanism to detect
> the constraint violating the LICQ?
> Thank you,
> Martin Schmidt
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