[Ipopt] a situation that the derivative checker is wrong?

lqc234 lqc234 at 126.com
Thu Mar 11 04:54:57 EST 2010

Hi all,
I have a question during using the Ipopt.Is there a situation  that the result of my  code for eval_grad_f,eval_jac_g and eval_h is right but the derivative checker reports wrong? For example,
*jac_g[6,7]=1.4776333636790881e+01v ~ 1.3776333629422766e+01[7.259e-02]
In fact the "real" right value of jac_g[6,7]  is just the *jac_g[6,7]=1.4776333636790881e+01 not the value 1.3776333629422766e+01 which computed by the finite difference. But the wrong value of the finite difference is "right"  in respect of the finite difference. The reason that the finite difference give the "real" wrong result is   because of the "problem"(not wrong,only different representation)   of representation of eval_f and eval_g. So the finite difference is right according to the eval_f and eval_g , and the result of my code is also right according to the application, but the "real right" result is mine not the finite difference.  
I am not sure if I have explained my question,I hope so.
Anyone can give me some answer?Thank you very much in advance!
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