[Ipopt] About Ipopt Termination Thresholds

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Wed Jul 21 08:27:25 EDT 2010

Hi Zheng Liu,

It seems you are using the Fortran version of Ipopt (IMAXITER).  There has 
been a new C++ version of Ipopt several year, please consult the Ipopt 
website.  That one has also additional stopping criteria.  However, Ipopt 
will only return one solution, not a bunch of solutions that meet some 
criterion.  But if you wanted to, you could use the intermediate callback 
method of the C++ version to monitor optimization progress on your own and 
wrote out any intermediate iterations as you like.  By the way, I believe 
for the C++ version of the CUTEr script is called "sdipo".



On Tue, 20 Jul 2010, b a wrote:

> Hi all,   I got a problem using command 'sdipopt'. When I optimize an 
> nonlinear optimization problem, I do not know how to set objective 
> function threshold for the solving to stop or the max iterations for 
> solving to stop. There is an option 'IMAXITER' but this is a threshold 
> for a failure of solving. Is there any update for IPOPT to handle these 
> threshold options and export all the solutions when thresholds are met? 
>     Thanks.     Regards,   Zheng Liu 

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