[Ipopt] Where or how can I obtain the libhsl.dll?

Lewis I lewis369lewis at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 16:19:07 EST 2010

Thank you so much for you reply.

I tried the last method.
I installed the Intel Fortran.
Now i can open the project in "v8-ifort" folder.
But when i try to compile project "libhsl", many unwanted ".f" are called in the project (ma24ad.f, ma25ad.f,..... ), so i deleted the unwanted ".f" linking , and only leave the "ma27ad.f".
Then i can compile correctly. And i can get a "libhsl.dll".
But when i try to use this dll ,some error shown :
%% HSL routine MA27AD not found in libhsl.dll.
%% Abort...

What happen? thx so much for your help


--- On Mon, 1/4/10, Marcel Roelofs <Marcel.Roelofs at aimms.com> wrote:

> From: Marcel Roelofs <Marcel.Roelofs at aimms.com>
> Subject: Re: [Ipopt] Where or how can I obtain the libhsl.dll?
> To: ipopt at list.coin-or.org
> Cc: "Lewis I" <lewis369lewis at yahoo.com>
> Date: Monday, January 4, 2010, 7:59 PM
> Hi Lewis,
> First of all, the license of HSL does not allow
> re-distribution of HSL
> in binary form, hence the Windows dll of IPOPT only can
> legally contain
> the MUMPS solver. Therefore, for adding HSL support you're
> (unfortunately) left on your own. Note that even if you
> compile
> libhsl.dll on your own you're not legally allowed to
> redistribute it.
> As for your options to get HSL compiled into a dll there
> are a number of
> options:
> - Use the mingw or mingw64 (in case you're interested in a
> 64-bit dll)
> compiler. Unless you're already using mingw/mingw64 to
> compile your
> C/C++ sources, this option is not really for the
> faint-of-heart. You
> have to set up mingw, get the coin-or configure scripts to
> work for you
> (took me a lot of time to get that right, especially when
> using
> mingw64), and then you're set to compile the dll. 
> - If you have Visual Studio, you may use f2c to generate C
> sources from
> the fortran code of HSL, and use that to generate the dll.
> In this
> option, you also need to compile libf2c which you need to
> link the
> generated C sources into the dll. The Visual Studio project
> included in
> the Ipopt source distribution called "v8" contains a
> project to generate
> a library to produce a HSL library using the f2c generated
> sources,
> which you can easily adapt to produce a dll (if you know
> what you're
> doing :)
> - If you have Visual Studio, you may also opt to request
> the 1-month
> trial of the Intel Visual Fortran compiler. After you have
> installed it,
> you can use the Visual Studio project called "v8-ifort"
> from the Ipopt
> source distribution to create the HSL dll directly from the
> Fortran
> sources. The "v8-ifort" Visual Studio solution is the
> collection of
> Visual Studio projects that I created to compile and link
> the Windows
> dll of IPOPT that you're using (mingw(64) didn't fly as GCC
> generated
> dll uses a C++ ABI that's not compatible with MSVC C++
> ABI). To compile
> the HSL dll using this option, simply copy the HSL Fortran
> sources into
> ThirdParty\HSL directory and build the libhsl project in
> the v8-ifort
> solution. This is most definitively the least involved
> option (apart
> from the 1Gb download :) 
> Hope this information will get you on your way.
> Cheers,
> Marcel Roelofs
> Paragon Decision Technology
> Developer of AIMMS
> On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 1:17 AM, Lewis I <lewis369lewis at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am using IPOPT (on windows C++ )which i downloaded
> the precompiled
> binaries (dll) from COIN Binary Distribution Project. 
> > but I found that this package are using the default
> linear solver (
> MUMPS ).
> > When I change the options of linear solver to MA27 as
> the
> documentation said, the following error appeared :
> > >>Exception message: Selected linear solver MA27
> not available.
> > >>Tried to obtain MA27 from shared library
> "libhsl.dll", but the
> following error occured:
> > >>Windows error while loading dynamic library
> libhsl.dll
> > 
> > I hv visited the HSL website (http://www.cse.clrc.ac.uk/nag/hsl/
> <http://www.cse.clrc.ac.uk/nag/hsl/>
> ).
> > But it only provides the Fortran code version.
> > 
> > Where or how can I obtain the libhsl.dll?
> > 
> > Do anyone have any experience on implement ipopt in
> windows
> environment? 
> > or do anyone have a copy of libhsl.dll?
> > 
> > Thank you so much.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Lewis
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