[Ipopt] Difficulties with Ipopt 3.9.1 on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 22 18:35:55 EST 2010


> Problems do arise from the choice of the /usr/lib/coin and 
> /usr/lib/coin/ThirdParty locations for the shared libraries, however. In 
> particular, my project (ASCEND) makes use of dlopen to load plugins, of 
> which IPOPT is one. In order to now successfully load my plugin, I have 
> to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to contain these additional non-standard library 
> paths. I *could* use RPATH but that is discouraged (in fact I believe 
> disallowed) in Debian-packages software.

What about changing /etc/ld.so.conf or one of the .conf files it includes?

> It occurred to me that the reason that IPOPT with MUMPS may not work on 
> Ubuntu could be the fact that IPOPT makes use of a patched version of 
> MUMPS. Does anyone know if the IPOPT can work correctly with an 
> unpatched version of MUMPS. I don't know if Ubuntu's version of MUMPS is 
> unpatched or not.
> Finally, I note that 'pkg-config ipopt --static' gives empty output, 
> even though I used ./configure --enable-static. It would be nice to be 
> able to use pkg-config to set the necessary linker flags to link 
> statically against IPOPT, now that I have a libipopt.a.

I don't know much about the --static flag, but shouldn't it be
  pkg-config --libs --static ipopt
I think for the coin builds, --enable-static will be sufficient, then
pkg-config --libs ipopt should give all linker flags.


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