[Ipopt] Calling IPOPT from a Qt application

Stefan Vigerske stefan at vigerske.de
Mon Aug 23 06:08:41 EDT 2010


I think Marcel uploaded some windows dlls of ipopt to the coin-or binaries download side. They should be selfcontained and thus may be easy to use in other applications.


"Ali Baharev" <ali.baharev at gmail.com> schrieb:

>I would like to ask you for your kind help.
>I would like to integrate IPOPT into a Qt application by request.
>Further limitations are: only free and open source tools can be used
>with "permissive" licence, the application should be built on Windows
>platform, a static build is preferable.
>As for the linear solver, MUMPS seems to be the only viable option.
>I have followed Rodrigo's advice:
>I first build IPOPT with the MinGW TDM 4.3.2 compiler. All tests are
>passed. Then, I make a simple application that uses an
>IpoptApplication. With the TDM compiler, everything works fine.
>When linking with the MinGW g++ compiler that comes with Qt, my
>application crashes on startup.
>I have attached further details on the compilers and the parameters
>passed to configure, plus the output from gdb.
>Apart from this problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the
>following questions.
>It seems to me that the dependencies of the libraries cannot be linked
>statically with gcc. It seems to me that linking is only done when
>main() is available. Why?
>I guess partly because certain initializations have to be performed
>before main() but there is no way to link them before main() without
>main() being available. Maybe it is just a wild guess.
>Why is it that the statically linked application needs DLL-s, such as
>mingwm10.dll or pthreadGCE2.dll, when running? Why can't these be
>statically linked?
>Depending on the options, i get a lot of warnings like this, see
>attached. I also get them if the cross compiler is used under Linux or
>with the TDM compiler. If the cross compiler or the TDM compiler is
>used, everything is OK despite the warning. What does this scary
>warning mean?
>Although a static build is preferable, is there a work around to this
>problem using shared libraries? That is, the Qt application
>distributed with a DLL or a .so containing IPOPT and the fortran
>runtime? Or that is just pushing the problem from linking time to
>program startup?
>I greatly appreciate any help.

Send from my Android.

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