[Ipopt] How can i use other BLAS solver with the "v8" project for IPOPT building?

Chuck Teeter chuck.teeter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 11:14:55 EDT 2010

Hi York,

It is very easy to use other implementations of BLAS and LAPACK with Ipopt.
I also use the Visual Studio v8 project, but have modified it to suit my
purposes.  I assume that you use the Visual Studio IDE to build your
projects as well.  In this case, the instructions below are general, but
should still work for you.

First, load the Ipopt solution into Visual Studio, and right-click on the
solution in Solution Explorer, and select "Project Dependencies".  You will
notice that the Ipopt library project will have dependencies on something
like "CoinBLAS" and "CoinLAPACK".  If you will not be using the default
implementations of the libraries, uncheck the Ipopt dependencies for these.
By doing this, you are instructing the linker to look elsewhere for these

Second, right-click the Ipopt library project in Solution Explorer and
select "Properties" to display the Properties Dialog.  Select "Librarian |
General" on the left-hand side of the Properties Dialog.  Now, on the right
hand-side of the dialog you will see fields for "Additional Dependencies"
and "Additional Library Directories".  In the "Additional Dependencies"
field you will enter the libraries that you plan to use for BLAS and/or
LAPACK.  In my case, I use the Intel MKL, so my entries look something like
this: mkl_intel_c.lib mkl_intel_thread_lib mkl_core.lib libiomp5md.lib
(without quotes).

Since my Visual Studio environment already knows where to find these
libraries, I don't need to add anything to the "Additional Library
Directories" field.  However, you may need to explicitly tell the linker
where these alternate libraries are located.  In this case, you will need to
provide the absolute or relative paths to them in this field.

If you use the command line to build your Ipopt projects, I suggest that you
first modify them using the IDE first.

That's all you need to do - hope this helps.

On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 4:36 AM, York Tang <hkyork at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am using the MSVS "v8" project to build ipopt.
> But the v8 project only instruct the user to use the dafault
> BLAS(download from "get.Blas")
> How can i use other BLAS solver with it?
> York
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