[Ipopt] Can the Ipopt be compiled successfully in ms vc6.0?

Frederic DELBOS frederic.delbos at ifp.fr
Thu Apr 15 09:42:59 EDT 2010

I have succesfully compiled IPOPT with MVS2005 (Professional version).
In the property/include parameters box one should check that all the 
Ipopt\src\* are specified.
In the LinAlg directory, there was also a missing file : 
IpTransposeMatrix.cpp (I don't know wheter it's due to an old version of 
IPOPT or if i have done a bad file manipulation...)
I compiled the IPOPT lib with the multithread option (/Mt).
Here is my final command line :
/O2 /I "..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\Interfaces" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\Common" /I "..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\Algorithm" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\Algorithm\LinearSolvers" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\LinAlg" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\LinAlg\TMatrices" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\contrib\LinearSolverLoader" /I 
"..\..\..\..\Ipopt\src\contrib\CGPenalty" /I 
"..\..\..\..\BuildTools\headers" /D "WIN32" /D "NDEBUG" /D "_LIB" /D 
/D "_MBCS" /FD /EHsc /MT /Za /Fo"Release\\" /Fd"Release\vc80.pdb" /W3 
/nologo /c /Wp64 /Zi /TP /errorReport:prompt
Concerning the link i have specified an option to ignore the MSVCRT lib 
but I don't remenber whether this problem comes from IPOPT.

> >Have anyone successfully compiled the Ipopt in vc6.0 environment? Or 
> the Ipopt can't compiled in that compiler?
> MS Visual Studio V6.0 was released in 1998. There were issues with the 
> standard template library when using this compiler. I suspect 
> compiling Ipopt with this compiler will run into these issues making 
> it difficult to use this compiler.
> JP
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