[Ipopt] Compilation of IPOPT library for C++ example in MSVC (Ipopt.sln)

Antonio Brandao acbrandaoa at live.com
Sat Apr 10 11:08:34 EDT 2010

I'm sending this message again with line breaks for better reading.


When I try to exactly reproduce from scratch the example that comes with the IPOPT 3.8.0 installation (the one under the
v8 subdiretory that has a pre-processed/pre-compiled solution called Ipopt.sln)  in MSVC 8.0, I get lot's of unresolved
references errors related to the #Include directive, e.g., the compiler seems not to link IpIpoptApplication.hpp and
hs_071_nlp.hpp to the solution. I know this might be a very silly question, but how was the solution Ipopt.sln created for
MSVC? Was it created using the MSVC itself or Cywin or other program? In other words, how can I create a new IPOPT
problem using MSVC such that I do not have to tell MSVC all the Include File dependencies?

Thanks a lot!


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