[Ipopt] Binaries for Windows

John Pye john.pye at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 4 19:33:29 EST 2009

Andreas Waechter wrote:
>> BTW, as I will describe, I did pretty much everything in CMake. If
>> the IPOPT developers are considering an update to the build system, I
>> found it far easier to just rewrite the simple makefiles in CMake
>> than to try and mess with MSYS to use the Intel compiler directly.
>> And if CMake is used, you would get most platforms for free and have
>> an easy and consistent way to manage all of the build options for the
>> project.
> We have no intention to change the build system. What we have now is
> based on autotools and has been working pretty well on most platforms,
> including Windows via Cygwin or MSys. The Ipopt configure and build
> system is also aligned with the rest of COIN; making any change here
> has mayor painful consequences ;-)

I second that -- I use Mingw/MSYS on Windows and consider support for
that platform as well as MinGW GCC to be a 'must-have' in IPOPT.

My only difficulty with the COIN build scripts has been that it has (at
least in the past) been difficult to use a pre-installed MUMPS library;
one has to let IPOPT build 'its own' copy. This makes packaging of IPOPT
for Linux distributions problematic. But this may have been resolved by now.


John Pye
Dept of Engineering
Australian National University

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