[Ipopt] Hessian by finite differences

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Wed Mar 4 14:27:30 EST 2009

Hi Edson,

Yes, it would be nice to integrate this into Ipopt if it is simple to do 

If it is only 40 lines of code, how about you create a ticket and copy the 
new code or a patch file into there?  Or you can send me the code directly 
if you prefer that (we have your CSRO on file, correct?).



On Mon, 2 Mar 2009, Edson Cordeiro do Valle wrote:

>         Hello
> I'm writing to make a small contribution to the project.
> Recently I made a small and simple code to evaluate the Hessian by
> finite differences. I did that code since I needed bonmin to solve
> integer problems and at that time, this feature was not available. I
> would like to know if you have interest in incorporating this code into
> Ipopt (around 30-40 lines). I think it is a good opportunity for people
> who wants to use bonmin and other codes. Although it is not very
> efficient it's working well.
>               Regards
> -- 
>                                                  Edson C. do Valle
>                                                edsoncv at enq.ufrgs.br
>                                                   Skype: edson.cv
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