[Ipopt] Managing large simulation codes

Praveen C cpraveen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 23:29:52 EST 2009

I want to use ipopt to optimize using a large Computational Fluid Dynamics
code. The situation can be described as follows

x = design variable

Flow solution:
Q = CFD(x)

Objective and constraint:
F = F(x,Q)
G = G(x,Q)

To obtain gradients of objective and constraint, I have to run two adjoint
solvers (assuming only one obj and one constraint)

F_x = CFD_F(x,Q)
G_x = CFD_G(x,Q)

All the solvers CFD, CFD_F and CFD_G are expensive.

My question is:

How would I manage these things so that I do not do any duplicate
computations ?

Q is too large and cannot be stored in memory.

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