[Ipopt] Binaries for Windows

jesseperla at gmail.com jesseperla at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:39:34 EST 2009

I think I have successfully built binaries for windows with the following  
1) Uses Intel C++ 11.0. Debug and Release builds.
2) Mumps is linked in separately. I tested with mumps built from WinMumps.  
(It also has Metis built in).
3) HSL is linked in separately.
4) Link in BLAS/LAPACK/ScaLAPACK/BLACS separately. I tested with intel MKL  
that comes with Intel C++
5) Link in MPI separately. You can use the fake mpi built with mumps, or  
tested with MPICH.

Is anyone interested in these binaries? I can also give a list of what I  
link in to get things to work.

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