[Ipopt] Anyother way to use Ipopt in Unix-like system?

lqc234 lqc234 at 126.com
Wed Dec 9 04:34:11 EST 2009

Hi everyone,hi Andreas!
   My application is based on the alphaev68-dec-5.1b system.As ipopt needs fortran compiler to compile the fortran files,I tried to install the gcc into the alphaev68-dec-5.1b system in order to use gfortran,however it is not an easy thing.I have tried to install gcc several days and it still doesn't work.If I can't install the gcc on the system, is there any other way I can use Ipopt? For example,like on the windows , use the f2c to translate the fortran files into c files and then compile the c files in Unix and use the compiled .lib files ?  I really have no idea.Thanks for any suggestion! 
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