[Ipopt] Ipopt 3.5.2 release

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Thu Sep 18 15:21:08 EDT 2008


I just create a new release 3.5.2 of Ipopt.  Here the except from 

2008-09-18 releases/3.5.2
         - changed to latest version of MUMPS (4.8.2)
         - some bugfixes (linear algebra objects, automatic problem scaling)
         - made sure the subversion revision number is correct in all files
         - allowed general additional data and cq in IpData and IpCq

As usual, to get the those changes you can just update your local svn 
copy of Ipopt's stable/3.5 (the recommended way).  The tarball is created 

Note, if you want to use the new version of Mumps, you need to rerun the 
get.Mumps script in ThirdParty/Mumps.  They seem to have done some bug 
fixes, but I don't know if they are relevant to Ipopt.


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