[Ipopt] Another quiestion --- Visual studio 6.0

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Visual Studio 6 doesn't have good enough C++ template support to compile IPOPT.  See this thread:



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Subject: [Ipopt] Another quiestion --- Visual studio 6.0

          Thanks a lot!

Now all is fine and I could run the C++ examples with Cygwin.

Now, I have another question. I work with a modelling and simulation tool called EcosimPro ( www.ecosimpro.com ). I have a research contract with this enterprise. I am studying the possibility of including IPOPT as a external solver for solving NLP problems. But Ecosimpro uses Microsoft Visual Studio to compile the models, experiments, ... I have seen in your ipopt list that there is no possible to use Ipopt wiht Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0? Is it definitively true???

Ecosim also could work with Visual .NET to compile...but I have all my examples and libraries in Visual Studio 6.0... I finally must use .NET with Ipopt???. Do you have any example of a project in Visual .NET for using Ipopt???

Thanks a lot

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Alberto Jorrín Rodríguez.


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