[Ipopt] C++ version of Ipopt is much slower than Fortran version of Ipopt ?

Mike Yu mike2006yu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 04:15:53 EST 2008

Hi Andreas and all :

Most people are using the C++ version of Ipopt and love the C++ version.
However, recntly, I did a comprehsensive numerical testing comparsions of
C++ version of Ipopt (3.4.1) vs Fortran version of Ipopt on Linux 64 bit
machine (Intel LX8664)). I found that the Fortran version of Ipopt is 50% to
100% faster than C++ version for all 20+ optimization problems. Fortran and
C++ Ipopt code are used by its default algorithm and parameters. Thus, it is
a "Apple to Apple" comparsion. Those two code are also compiled by
"optimized code" (using version 9.1.043 of Intel C++ and version 9.1.036 of
Intel Fortran) and MA27 is used for both C++ and Fortran version testing.

 Do you observe the slow performance of C++ version vs Fortran Ipopt? Is the
slow issue due to "C++" coding (vs Fortran coding)? How can we speed up the
C++ version of Ipopt (any help from C++ compiler) ?

Best regards,

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