[Ipopt] intermediate_callback

Stefan Vigerske stefan at vigerske.de
Thu Nov 27 11:22:18 EST 2008


> I have inserted your example code in mine and now I get this Error Message "Fehler: »OrigIpoptNLP« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert" (in English: »OrigIpoptNLP« was not defined in this region ) so I searched in the internet and found that this class is defined in IpOrigIpoptNLP.hpp, so I put "#include <IpOrigIpoptNLP.hpp>" in my code, but now I get a second error message that the compiler doen't find that hpp. So I looked at my IpOPT folder and didn't found the file. So I'm a little stranded! Has IpOPT changed ? Do you know what to do?

OK, here are the additional include files you need:
includecoin_HEADERS = \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpIpoptCalculatedQuantities.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpIpoptNLP.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpNLPScaling.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/LinAlg/IpScaledMatrix.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/LinAlg/IpSymScaledMatrix.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpIpoptData.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpIteratesVector.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/LinAlg/IpCompoundVector.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Algorithm/IpTimingStatistics.hpp \
  $(IPOPTSRCDIR)/src/Interfaces/IpTNLPAdapter.hpp \

They do not get installed when you do a make install, so you need to
copy them from the Ipopt source directory

In my program, I have the following include statements:
#include "IpIpoptCalculatedQuantities.hpp"
#include "IpTNLPAdapter.hpp"
#include "IpOrigIpoptNLP.hpp"


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