[Ipopt] IPOPT Python API

dmitrey dmitrey15 at ukr.net
Mon Jun 30 14:37:43 EDT 2008

hi all,

(excuse my English)

I see Python API for ipopt is already somehow mentioned in the 
plato.asu.edu page:

however, ipopt documentation still informs about MATLAB and Java API only:

I want to inform that there is a working Python API made by Eric Xu You and called pyipopt (http://blog.youxu.info/2008/05/10/pyipopt-python-marries-with-ipopt/
) (some users found it being more convenient to use ipopt from openopt, via pyipopt of course). 

Unfortunately, currently this one is available for Linux only, but I guess the makefile is simple enough to be made for other OSes as well:

We will be happy would anyone make the solution cross-platform and/or mention our Python APIs in ipopt docpage.

Regards, Dmitrey.

P.S. openopt has OSI-approved BSD license (free for any purposes including commercial closed-code), pyipopt has no license (completely free).

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