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Hi Ma Yudong:

There are very clear instructions on compiling for windows in the documentation.  The route I followed was to install MINGW on my computer, set the environment to use the Visual C and Intel Fortran compilers (instead of the GNU versions) and created the library in both "release" and "debug" modes.  This was because you cannot mix and match these libraries when linking to the windows executables as the visual C compiles complains bitterly.  You will have to disable some of the default libraries when you link the libipopt.lib to your windows code.  For the release version I had to disable msvcrt.lib and msvcprt.lib.  You will have to disable the debug version of these libraries if you are compiling you code in debug mode.


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Hi guys
I am trying to create a library files of IPOPT for windows instead of Linux.
by following all the procedures, we can get libipopt.a and libipopt.la,
which are library files for Linux
and how can I get libipopt.lib which is for windows from the files in

Thank you very much

Yudong Ma
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