[Ipopt] Library dependency issue?

John Pye john.pye at anu.edu.au
Sun Jun 1 19:55:22 EDT 2008

Hi Stefan

Stefan Vigerske wrote:
>> I suspect that maybe there should be library dependencies on BLAS and
>> LAPACK, as well,  but maybe I'm wrong there.
> If Lapack and Blas are installed on the system and these are used by
> Ipopt, then the flags go into ipopt_addlibs_cpp.txt. Otherwise, that
> is if Lapack and Blas from ThirdParty are build and used, then the
> libs are included into the Ipopt library.

Evidently the 'addlibs' thing is somehome comparable to the
`ipopt-config --libs` idea, although not yet convenient for use by the
end user.

However what puzzles me here is why I don't see the dependency on LAPACK
and BLAS and libfortran when I type 'ldd /usr/local/lib/libipopt.so'...
if the IPOPT library uses symbols from those other libraries, why aren't
they shown as binary dependencies?


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