[Ipopt] Suggestion: 'ipopt-config' script

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Sun Jun 1 13:32:48 EDT 2008

Hi JP,

This is a good idea, and the COIN Technical Leadership Council (TLC) has 
been discussing this.  This is something that would require changes all 
over COIN projects.  I think the current plan is to do that when we 
upgrade the autotools versions we are using (this is a major change 
anyway) - hopefully at some point this year.



On Sat, 31 May 2008, John Pye wrote:

> Hi all
> I wonder if there has been any thought of providing a 'ipopt-config'
> script as one of the outputs of the IPOPT build process?
> These '*-config' scripts are fairly common for library code, and do the
> job of telling users of your library what are the necessary linking and
> preprocessor macros etc for correctly building a program that makes use
> of your library.
> This would be particularly good in the case of IPOPT, which, because of
> all the different build-time options such as whether or not to use an
> external BLAS and LAPACK, and where the libraries are installed, and
> whether shared libraries or static libraries are created. It can be hard
> to know what the necessary flags for linking IPOPT are on any given system.
> All of these things could be pulled together into a script that could
> allow users to link to IPOPT simply by something along the lines of
> gcc hs071.c `ipopt-config --libs --cppflags`
> I note that from the file Ipopt/examples/hs071_c/Makefile.in that many
> of the necessary text strings for writing such an ipopt-config script
> are already available in the build system, and would just need to be put
> into a shell script.
> Some other projects I've seen that also use this technique include
> cppunit, python, ginac and the GTK+ 'pkg-config' system.
> Cheers
> JP
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