[Ipopt] Ipopt release 3.3.5

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Fri Feb 29 12:34:53 EST 2008


I just created a new Ipopt release, with only minor changes.  The most 
visible change for users that link with the Ipopt libirary is that the


which contain the platform and configuration specific link flags, are now 
installed in


and no longer in


Just to give an outlook at something that should be coming soon:

Stefan Vigerske has contributed some code that will allow to load the HSL 
and Pardiso linear solvers from shared libraries at run time.  This means 
that one can then compile Ipopt without those solvers, but will still be 
able to use them later without recompiling Ipopt, by providing shared 
libraries with the linear solvers.

In particular, this means that it will be much easier for us to generate 
binaries for Ipopt that then can be distributed from COIN.

In case you are interested in trying this, you can download the trunk 
branch from Ipopt, but as usual thing might still not be working.



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