[Coin-ipopt] Designing a custom linear solver for IPOPT

Peter Carbonetto pcarbo at cs.ubc.ca
Sat Feb 9 20:08:59 EST 2008

I'm wondering if anyone of this mailing list has at some point found the 
default linear solvers (MA27, PARDISO, etc.) insufficient for solving 
their constrained optimization problem, and has resorted to designing 
their own linear solver tailored to their particular problem. If so, I'm 
wondering whether they would be willing to impart some technical advice on 
getting it to work in IPOPT.

I realize that implementing a linear solver can be a large task.

Rather, I'm more interested in finding out how you overrode the default 
settings for the TNLP class, and some advice on implementing the 
AugSystemSolver interface.


Peter Carbonetto
Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Computer Science
University of British Columbia

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