[Ipopt] Problems with Pardiso solver in Ipopt

Rui Huang ruih at cmu.edu
Sun Dec 14 11:11:21 EST 2008

Thanks all for your replying.
I checked the output messages from pardiso and monitored with htop, it 
seems clear that it is not dong parallel computing. One of my 4 
processors is always at 100% usage and the others are idol.
And the statistics of pardiso output says:
Parallel Direct Factorization with #procesors : 1.

Do we really have to compiled it with parallel version of Lapack, as 
suspected by Rony?
I checked the pardiso website, it does not mention it has to be compiled 
with the parallel version.

Regarding the newer version of pardiso, it seems with my license, I can 
only download the library 3.2 for Intel, IA64-bit, gcc/gfortran 4.2, 
there are no counterpart of library 3.3 for intel. I tried AMD 64 bit 
veriso for gcc/gfortran 4.3 and Intel 32 bit version for gcc/gfortran 
4.3, they all do not work.


Rui Huang
Chemical Engineering Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh PA 15213

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