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Nandini Chakravorti nchakravorti at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 10:18:39 EST 2008


    I am using the Ipopt lib(Release version) from C#. So, I have a dll
wrapper for the ipopt.lib. So, after I run the Initialize method I get an
exception saying ""Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is
often an indication that other memory is corrupt."

    Giving a C++ snippet of my code below:

class Wrapper


SmartPtr<IpoptApplication> Impl;
SmartPtr<TNLP> mynlp;


ApplicationReturnStatus Initialize()

return Impl->Initialize();



class IpOptNLP: public TNLP



Wrapper* m_pcUnManagedWrapper;



virtual ~IpOptNLP();

IpOptNLP(Wrapper* pcWrapper) { m_pcUnManagedWrapper = pcWrapper;}

virtual bool get_nlp_info(int& n, int& m, int& nnz_jac_g, int& nnz_h_lag,
IndexStyleEnum& index_style); //And so on


Now when I invoke the Initialize function from C#(after exporting the dll) I
get an exception when *Impl->Initialize(**)* is getting invoked. And while
debugging I see the reference count for both Impl and mynlp are zero.

Can someone please point out where I might be going wrong?


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