[Ipopt] Help with IPOPT linking problems on Windows MSVC/Intel C++

Jesse Perla jesseperla at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 11:39:53 EDT 2008

I have everything compiling and running now with a release build!

In case anyone wants to replicate my steps in the future, :
* I changed the target to "Release".  Still doing with the Intel C++
* In the project properties, set project C/C++/Code Generation/Runtime
Library to Multi-threaded (/MT)  where the default was Multi-threaded DLL
(/MD) for a release build.
* I just needed to link in libipopt.lib
* The cpp_example worked.

As for binaries:
* I look forward to the formal distribution of binaries in the future.  When
they are ready, I can help out with testing.  Is this test version
significantly out of date?
* Sounds like I need to build my own debug libraries for now.  Guess I will
have to walk through the build process.
* I am not sure how /MT vs. /MD makes a difference and can mix libraries
with them.
* I don't know much about this stuff, but there may be a way to get a binary
that can link to debug as well as release builds.  When I link to the intel
MKL and intel MPI I am pretty sure I am linking to the same libs for debug
as well as release builds.  I haven't run into the this problem patching
together any other libraries.  Mabe this has something to do with /MT vs.
/MD.  I don't need debugging info about the ipopt library.
* Yeah, distribution of the Intel Fortran libs may not be possible, but I
think it is reasonable to ask people to have a license for this installed
separately.  Especially since it is free for non-commercial on linux.

Thanks for everyone's help on what I now realize is a 101 problem.  (And
don't worry, the irony of whining about cygwin/linux dev environments and
then running into these problems is not lost on me).

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 5:49 PM, Stefan Vigerske <stefan at vigerske.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> sorry, you seem to get from one pitfall into the next one.
>  I am trying to get the IPOPT samples running in MSVC or Intel C++ and am
>> running into linking errors.  Here are my steps:
>> 1. Downloading the binaries available on:
>> http://www.coin-or.org/download/binary/OS/  Note that the only binaries
>> in:
>> http://www.coin-or.org/download/binary/Ipopt/   are for linux64.
> Yes, the distribution of binaries has not officially started yet, so there
> are just some test binaries so far.
>   a. (BTW, as a general consideration I would say that people may be
>> overestimating the applicability of cygwin vs. the native Intel or
>> microsoft
>> compilers when on windows.  Getting a development environment working with
>> an optimizing compiler on cygwin is very difficult).
>> 2. The sample program I am getting is from the source in Ipopt-3.4.2.  I
>> am
>> trying out the cpp_example.cpp mentioned in:
>> http://www.coin-or.org/Ipopt/documentation/node32.html
>> 3. Since the makefile for this is for cygwin, I need to create my own.  .
>>  a. I first added the 3 source files into a new project
>>  b. I ensured that the include path to the headers in the binary
>> distribution and the libraries directory were set properly.
>>  c. I added libipopt.lib to the linker inputs.
>> 4. I hit compile.  All of the source compiled fine, but when linking, it
>> stated that a whole bunch of functions were already defined in core
>> libraries such as: MSVCRTD.lib.  See notes below for some examples of
>> these.
>> 5. To see if it would help, I added the names of the libraries to the
>> "ignore specific library" list in the linker input options.  No luck.
>> 6. I tried with Intel C++ vs. MSVC.  No difference.
>> 7. I tried the "no default libs" selection in the project.  A million
>> unresolved errors
> From the output below I would say that you try to link debugging code with
> nondebugging code. While this is no problem for every normal operation
> system, for Windows this is not a good idea.
> There is a crucial compiler flag that determines whether you link with
> multithreaded or singlethreaded and optimized ( or debug LIBC libraries.
> The default flag in the COIN-OR build system (the one you use in cygwin) is
> -MT (multithreaded/optimized). The multithreaded/debug flag would be -MTD.
> Mixing these twos gets you these "...already defined..." linker errors.
> Note, that the 'D' in MSVCRTD.LIB probably stands for debug-version, while
> LIBCMT.lib is the optimized/multithread (=MT) version of the libc.lib. Thus,
> linking these together makes trouble.
> Therefore, please make sure that all code and libraries are compiled with
> the -MT flag.
>  8. I tried opening the example that came in the binary distribution:
>> called
>> osTestCode.
>>  a. Had a different link error for a library that wasn't in the binary
>> libs
>> directory: 1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file
>> 'libifcorert.lib'
>>  b. That probably is an unrelated error, but why isn't this in the
>> distribution, and does it have anything to do with the empty IFORT
>> directory
>> in the libs?
> This is because the MUMPS library that comes with the OS binary
> distribution is compiled with the Intel Fortran compiler and now depends on
> Intel Fortran libraries.
> You can get these libraries at
> http://www.gams.com/~svigerske/intel/win32/10.0/<http://www.gams.com/%7Esvigerske/intel/win32/10.0/>
> Sorry, this is not documented yet and I forgot to mention it before.
> There has not been a conclusion yet whether these libraries can be included
> in the CoinBinary repository.
> Good luck,
> Stefan
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