[Coin-ipopt] C++SCPIP released, wrapping MMA with an IPOPT like interface

Fabian Wein fabian.wein at lse.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Nov 26 04:10:27 EST 2007


in topology optimization (e.g. SIMP) where we deal with hundreds or
thousands of design variables to optimize partial differential equations,
state of the art in optimization is the method of moving asymptotes (MMA).
In this very special field MMA performs much better than IPOPT, e.g. as
there are no line searches required (each line search step includes a
FEM forward simulation!).

A fast and mature fortran implmentation of MMA is SCPIP by Christian
Uni-Wuerzburg, Germany.

I wrote a C++ wrapper around SCPIP mimiking IPOPT as much as possible.
Hence it is very easy to switch between IPOPT ans SCPIP.

This has two effects:
* One using IPOPT can try C++SCPIP for comparison
* One requiring MMA can make use of the really nice IPOPT interface, can
  easily switch to IPOPT to compare results or use the gradient checker.

I hope this is OK in the sense of license issues and I also hope to make
the credits for IPTOP and Andreas clear :)


I hope it is for interest for some of you,


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