[Coin-ipopt] MUMPS 'independent' package for use with IPOPT

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 22 06:49:49 EST 2007


> My concern was that the MUMPS as distributed does *not* include
> autotools 'configure' scripts etc, but the IPOPT ThirdParty build of
> MUMPS *does* use autotools and is therefore perhaps a preferable build
> process. So, if there was some way that someone could provide a patch
> for MUMPS to allow it to be built in the IPOPT way then I could use that
> approach, and be sure that it would work correctly with IPOPT on as many
> platforms as possible. But the reason that this is not trivial is that
> the IPOPT build process is driven from the top level, AFAICT, and it's
> hard to extract just the portion of the build process that corresponds
> to MUMPS.

To seperate the MUMPS build process from the Ipopt build process should 
not be a big problem. Even though the configure of ThirdParty/MUMPS is 
initiated from a COIN base project (e.g., Ipopt or Bonmin), only small 
changes to the configure.ac of MUMPS should be necessary to make it run 
independently. However, all COIN-packages use the common BuildTools 
project which provides autotools macros (BuildTools/coin.m4) that are 
excessively used. Thus, making a MUMPS build system independent of 
everything in coin would require to extract also the necessary pieces 
from the BuildTools project.


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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