[Coin-ipopt] MUMPS 'independent' package for use with IPOPT

Damien Hocking damien at khubla.com
Wed Nov 21 21:57:32 EST 2007

Well, I did the original work, and I suppose Andreas is responsible for 
IPOPT.  I'm willing to help out, although I'm a SCons person rather than 
a make person.  I'm sure there's enough people or tutorials out there 
that it could be made to work.  I'll ask the MUMPS devs if anyone has 
done a MUMPS rpm already, that would speed things up.


PS Nice to see a fellow Aussie on the list...

John Pye wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been working on improving my RPM package for IPOPT so that it
> could be submitted for inclusion in Linux distros such as Fedora and
> SUSE. One major obstacle is that IPOPT provides 'configure' and 'make'
> actions for MUMPS that AFAICT are not built into the original MUMPS tarball.

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