[Coin-ipopt] Does anybody have the IPOPT compiled on MSVS 2003 or 2005 without cygwin on Windows?

Rohallah Tavakoli rohtav at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 01:10:07 EDT 2007

As i know, to compile IPopt with native windows compiler you needs Intel
Fortran, it is because of MSVC 2003 or 2005 can't couple with Visual Fortran
compiler (unlike MSVC 6). I suggest to download the trial version of Intel
Fortran (free for one-month) and compile library to generate required dlls
(prior to termination of free licence).

Hope this Help,   RT.

On 8/26/07, Michael <comtech.usa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking for a port of IPOPT on Windows platforms compiled on
> MSVS2003 or 2005 or Intel C++ and Intel Visual Fortran without the
> cygwin... Has anybody tried such a work? The section in Installation
> Guide of IPOPT is too concise on this topic. Furthermore, does anybody
> have a Windows Matlab mex dll of IPOPT that is callable from within
> Matlab without cygwin?
> Thanks a lot!
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