[Coin-ipopt] MA57 Configuration

Victor M Zavala vzavala at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Apr 21 10:52:55 EDT 2007

Hi all,

It seems that the current release of IPOPT is not properly configured for
compilation with MA57. MA57 requires a number of subroutines and the
Makefile in ../HSL does not include them. 

If you compile IPOPT with your own HSL library you won't notice this

I added the next lines to Makefile.in in /HSL (you could also modify the
Makefile.am file). 

@COIN_HAS_MA27_TRUE at am__append_1 = ma27ad.f
@COIN_HAS_MA57_TRUE at am__append_2 = ma57ad.f fd15ad.f mc34ad.f mc64ad.f \
@COIN_HAS_MA57_TRUE@    metis.f mc30ad.f mc47ad.f mc71ad.f mc21ad.f mc59ad.f
@COIN_HAS_MC19_TRUE at am__append_3 = mc19ad.f
@COIN_HAS_MA28_TRUE at am__append_4 = ma28ad.f ma30ad.f mc13dd.f mc20ad.f \
@COIN_HAS_MA28_TRUE@    mc21ad.f mc22ad.f mc23ad.f mc24ad.f

@COIN_HAS_MA27_TRUE at am__objects_1 = ma27ad.lo
@COIN_HAS_MA57_TRUE at am__objects_2 = ma57ad.lo fd15ad.lo mc34ad.lo mc64ad.lo\
@COIN_HAS_MA57_TRUE@    metis.lo mc30ad.lo mc47ad.lo mc71ad.lo mc21ad.lo \
@COIN_HAS_MA57_TRUE@    mc59ad.lo
@COIN_HAS_MC19_TRUE at am__objects_3 = mc19ad.lo
@COIN_HAS_MA28_TRUE at am__objects_4 = ma28ad.lo ma30ad.lo mc13dd.lo \
@COIN_HAS_MA28_TRUE@    mc20ad.lo mc21ad.lo mc22ad.lo mc23ad.lo \
@COIN_HAS_MA28_TRUE@    mc24ad.lo

Hope this helps,

Victor M Zavala
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, USA 15213
Ph: (412) 268-2238

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