[Coin-ipopt] Compilation for the windows environment

damien at khubla.com damien at khubla.com
Fri Jun 16 09:11:22 EDT 2006

Hi Jean-Marc,

Actually, there's a free version of MS Visual Studio, called Visual Studio
Express, which you can get here:


It does depend on which matrix solver you want to use, for many of them
you'll need a Fortran compiler as well.  If you use Pardiso, you'll get a
header file and a dll from their website and you should be OK.

Alternatively, you can use MinGW or Cygwin, which provide the GNU
compilers under Win32.



Hope this helps,


> Dear all,
> I am currently trying to compile IPOPT under windows, but I figured out
> it requires MS Visual Studio .NET, which I cannot afford.
> Is there another way to compile IPOPT for this platform?
> Thank you very much for your help,
> Jean-Marc.

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