[Coin-ipopt] Re: IPOPT on Intel Mac

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Mon Dec 4 16:51:55 EST 2006

Hi Bruce,

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> I am installing IPOPT on my intel mac and have been having problems. The make 
> file fails because the LAPACK does not recognize my fortran compiler. I am 
> using g95 installed by fink. I am wondering if you know of any problems with 
> the installation on intel macs under os x (10.4.8) or if you have 
> successfully installed it on an intel mac in the past. This will help me 
> figure out of the problem is with my configuration (e.g., g95 not installed 
> properly) or with the install scripts.

I have used the g95 compiler successfully on Linux with Ipopt, but I don't 
have easy access to a Darwin machine.

I'm not sure what you mean by "LAPACK does not recognize my fortran 
compiler."  But here a few suggestions:

1. Did you run configure with F77=g95 so that it was looking for the 
correct Fortran compiler?  (g95 might not have been the one that is 
picked up automatically?).

2. Are you able to compile code with g95 and run the executable properly 
on your operating system (independent of any COIN stuff)?

3. You have to ensure that the versions of g95 and the other GNU compilers 
you are using (gcc g++) are compatible.

Pierre Bonami (maintainer of Bonmin) is using gfortran (instead of g95) on 
Darwin.  He wrote something about this on the Bonmin website:


4. In case the problem arises during configuration (but I think you wrote 
that it happens during make), have a look at


> My ultimate goal is to do parameter fitting for biological networks. I am 
> planning on writing a Mathematica driver for IPOPT to do this, since I can't 
> seem to find one that anybody else has written.

In any case, I think it would be great if one could have a Mathematica 
driver for Ipopt.  Some time ago, Yifan Hu of Wolfram had started to 
develop an interface for Ipopt, but I don't know what the current status 
is.  I will contact Yifan to see if they have given up, or if otherwise he 
might be able to help you a bit.



> Thanks,
> Bruce
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> Bruce E Shapiro, PhD
> Biological Network Modeling Center
> The Beckman Institute at Caltech
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