[Coin-ipopt] MKL Pardiso

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Sat Apr 8 12:27:48 EDT 2006

Hi Javier,

As far as I know, the current release of the MKL does not have a version 
of Pardiso in there that includes the changes that the Pardiso developers 
Olaf Schenk and Michael Hagemann did to make it work correctly with Ipopt. 
(Olaf and Michael, if you are reading this, is that correct?).

You might be lucky that it sometimes works with the Pardiso version in the 
MKL, particularly if you are solving a convex problem (most changes were 
related to correctly handling the non-convex case).

By the way, in the Pardiso library currently available at the Pardiso 
website, a few minor changes are not yet included, but they are not 
essential.  However, if you obtain Pardiso from there, you probably should 
get the new releaes once it is out...  I will try to remember to make sure 
that we send a message to the mailing list when that happened.

Hope this answers your question,


On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Javier Pedrido wrote:

> Hi all,
> The Ipopt 3.1 documentation states that Ipopt doesn't work with the Pardiso 
> solver included in the MKL library. I've compiled Ipopt against MKL version 
> 8.0.2 and it can solve my case without problems (cuadratic objective function 
> with linear constraints). Was this comment included in the doc because some 
> kind of problems couldn't be solved or because Ipopt did not work at all?
> Regards,
> Javier
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