[Coin-ipopt] Feasibility

Ullrich Christophe cullrich at student.ulg.ac.be
Tue Oct 25 17:22:13 EDT 2005

Dear Andreas,

I use the Fortran version of Ipopt to solve a small problem of 22
variables and 16 constraints. I use the following options :
	Dtol = 1d-3
	Iquasi = 6
Ipopt returns the error code 18 which is “Ipopt can not improve the
feasibility of the problem”. I don’t understand where the problem is.
In the output file, I notice that the objective function at the initial
point is 0.3d-1 and the constraints are around 0.1d-2. But at the 5th
iteration the error message appears and the objective function is 0.18 and
the constraints about 1d-14. And the message “Restoration started with
CNRM =   8.570921750106208E-014” appears. I have already tried different
parameters but I was not able to solve my problem. What can I do?

I can forward you the output file of the optimization.

Thank you very much,


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