[Coin-ipopt] build error

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Wed May 25 20:33:45 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,

> I am trying to build IPOPT in windows/mingw.  It worked fine on my
> computer at home, but "configure" failed at work.  The following is the
> text from the log near the error:
> config.status:792: creating Makefile
> config.status:792: creating OTHERS/Makefile
> config.status:792: creating OTHERS/blas/Makefile
> config.status:792: creating OTHERS/lapack/Makefile
> config.status:20: error: cannot find input file: OTHERS/lapack/Makefile.in
> The lapack files are in ../OTHERS/lapack/LAPACK.
> Thoughts?

I haven't seen that problem before (anyone else?), but I'm not using
Windows much.  Is there a OTHERS/lapack/Makefile.in file?  That should be
there from the distribution.  Maybe it is problem with small and capital
letters on Windows...?

Since you are at CMU, you might be able to get some direct help from local
people; maybe someone at http://dynopt.cheme.cmu.edu/ is able to help.


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