WG: [Coin-ipopt] Matlab interface

Steinar Hauan steinhau at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Jun 20 11:47:17 EDT 2005

Andreas Waechter wrote:
> If I remember correctly, the problem is that under Windows the MEX
> "executable" cannot write to standard output directly.  Instead some
> Matlab-provided function must be used (something like mexPrintf?).

you're partially right: f77 i/o of "any" kind used to crash
mixed-language mex files under windows; even if you went through
the mexPrintf() function. it would work if all your source code
-- including the gateway mexFunction() -- was in fortran, though.

anyway: i dont have access to the supported mex compilers for windows,
but sent Jens some test files on which he can experiment. depending
on the outcome, we'll either use Andreas' suggestion ...

> Because of those problems, all output of Ipopt to standard out is
> directed  through the subroutine "C_OUT" (see
 > COIN/Ipopt/IPOPT/ipopt/c_out.f).

... or simply reimplement this function in C
(which WILL work; i've done it for other mex files)

   Steinar Hauan, dept of ChemE  --  hauan at cmu.edu
   Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA

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