WG: [Coin-ipopt] Matlab interface

jens.pettersson at se.abb.com jens.pettersson at se.abb.com
Mon Jun 20 10:01:45 EDT 2005

Hi Steinar,
 to cut a long story short:

I managed to compile and create a mex-Dll using MSVC .NET and your files. 
It is also possible to call this dll from Matlab but for some reasons it 
crashes in the Ipopt-dll. 
I debugged to find the error and it seams that the crash occurs when the 
first "write" commando is excecuted. I tested by manually comment away the 
write commando whcih caused the latest crash but then it only crashed on 
the next one, etc.

Is there any one who knows why the seemingly inocent write- comando in 
Fortran does not work with mex-files??

Also, I mean that the code is full with "write":s so there is not point in 
commenting away all af them.... ??

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