[Coin-ipopt] Is there any free AMPL parser can work with IPOPT ?

Hoxide Ma hoxide_dirac at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Aug 4 06:20:49 EDT 2005

I'm newbie to IPOPT. IPOPT is great. It can work with
AMPL  as a solver. I had try it with AMPL Student
Version , but,Is there any free AMPL parser? 

GNU MathProg Language maybe a "can work" Parser , but
just for linear programming. 

If there is no such parser, why not write a free one?

Another question is , is there any document described
the NL(nonlinear) format used in AMPL?


A student of Math in Soochow University in China.
Intrested in Math, Python, Twisted, Prolog and .NET/MONO.



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