[Coin-ipopt] Can`t build C++ version

aychy at sohu.com aychy at sohu.com
Tue Aug 2 21:49:07 EDT 2005

Hi Andreas,

   I can`t link Ipopt-devel\Windows\VisualStudio_dotNET\NewIpopt\NewIpopt.sln by vc2003 .net and intel fortran 9.0,it shows:
1,fatal error C1083: can`t open include file:“IpIpoptData.hpp”: No such file or directory
2,NewIpopt fatal error C1083: can`t open source file:“\backup\Ip\Ipopt\2\COIN_2005Jul20\Coin\Ipopt-devel\PDSystemImpl\PDFullSpace\IpAugTSystemSolver.cpp”: No such file or directory
3,NewIpopt fatal error C1083: can`t open source file:“\backup\Ip\Ipopt\2\COIN_2005Jul20\Coin\Ipopt-devel\PDSystemImpl\PDFullSpace\IpMa27SymLinearSolver.cpp”: No such file or directory

  I find "IpIpoptData.hpp" and solve the first problem,but I can`t find "IpAugTSystemSolver.cpp" and "IpMa27SymLinearSolver.cpp" these two files, maybe there are someting wrong with the file names,
how to sovle it ?

  PS:if I remove these two files from NewIopt.sln and build it,it shows too much NewIpopt.lib(*.obj):fatal error LNK2001 and LNK2019.
                                                    Yong Chen

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