[Coin-ipopt] release 2.2.1d

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Tue Oct 5 13:55:53 EDT 2004


I just committed a minor release of Ipopt (2.2.1d) to the CVS repository.
It will be in tomorrow's tarball.

Here the entry from the CHANGELOG file:

2004-10-05 (release 2.1.1d)

- Added 'outlev' as an option to the AMPL solver as a synonym for iprint
- For iprint = 0, the output lines per iteration are now suppressed
- corrected two bugs in configure script (test for size of long etc
  before Fortran libraries as added to LIBS; prevent cycling in
  'make -j 1' test)
- internally renamed subroutine ERROR to OPTERROR (ERROR had a
  name clash for some Fortran compiler)
- avoid uninitialized variable in update_b_lm.f
- minor correction in computation of residual in get_step_full.F
- minor change for slack correction in filter.F

Thanks to Dieter Kraft for suggesting a few of them.


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