[Coin-ipopt] new minor release 2.2.1

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Sun Apr 25 19:14:45 EDT 2004


A new minor release of IPOPT, version 2.2.1, has just been submitted to
the CVS repository.  It will be available in the regular tarballs by

A list of the change (from CHANGELOG) follows:

2004-04-25   Release of Version 2.2.1.

- AMPL solver executable is now called `ipopt' (instead of `ipoptAMPL')
  This fixed also problem with assigning IPOPT options from within
  AMPL. (reported by Karsten Theissen)

- default value for number of iterations is now 10000 (instead of 1000)

- new option: IMAXCPUSEC to be set to the maximum number of CPU seconds
  after which the algorithm should stop.  The check is performed only at
  certain points in the algorithm, so that the executable might run longer
  than specified.
  The algorithm also stops (as before) when the file "STOP" is detected in
  the current directory.  Finally, a call to `USER_REQUESTED_STOP' has
  been added if the preprocessor macro USE_USER_REQUESTED_STOP has been
  defined. If this LOGICAL function returns .TRUE., the algorithm also
  stops.  This feature was requested by David Ternet.

- if IPOPT is run several time in a row, the counting of function
  evaluations is restarted after every new call of IPOPT.

- in get_step_full, now check if the number of negative eigenvalues is LESS
  than then number constraints.  If so, increase the pivot tolerance,
  and if that doesn't help, pretend that the system is singular.
  (this fixed a problem reported by Hans Mittelmann)

- decrease default values for DPIVTOLMAX

- suppress superflous leading zeros in iteration output.  For long output
  (ioutput=1) include CPU time

- a few changes regarding the inertia correction (get_step_full.F).
  This decreases CPU time significantly in a few cases.

- corrected problem in C-files related to names for struct's (some GNU
  compiler complained)

- changed default options for GNU compilers (now `-O3 -funroll-loops',
  no longer `-O2' and `-mieee-fp')

- no reference to MC35 in resto_tron if HAVE_MC35 is not defined

- '#error' preprocessor directive removed from *.F files, since not all
  compilers understand it (reported by Hans Mittelmann)

- switch to automake 1.8.3

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