[Coin-ipopt] Request about IPOPT after subscription

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Sun Nov 9 20:07:08 EST 2003

Hi mgolshan at mehr.sharif.edu,

> We are interested in IPOPT.We want to apply this software but
> if possible please tell me that if we want to run IPOPT by
> the compilers that are under windows(for example borland...) what is
> it's "makefiles".

Thanks for your interest in IPOPT.  Please have a look at the file
COIN/Ipopt/doc/README.Windows - this describes how you can use IPOPT under
Windows with the Cygwin environment - and there are makefile in the IPOPT
distribution for this.  Since I don't use Windows very much and have no
Windows-specific compiler available, I'm not able to provide Makefiles (or
Developerstudio project files) for IPOPT.  However, it seems that it is
possible to use the Cygwin environment to compile code with different
Windows compilers.  At least this is what my interpretation of an earlier
message by Kirk Abbott is:
http://www-124.ibm.com/pipermail/coin-ipopt/2003-September/000044.html .
Maybe Kirk (if he is reading this message :) can comment on this?

Also, if anybody reading this mailing list has suggestions regarding
Windows builds (which might be helpful in order to make installation
easier), I would be very happy to hear about them.

Best regards,


PS: Sorry you had trouble submitting your question - as you found out, one
has to subscribe to the mailing list before one can post a message (this
we can control spam etc)

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