[Coin-ipopt] OCC on OS X

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Wed Mar 12 11:33:59 EST 2003

Dear Sebastien,

> I have this problem running OCC on OSX: for some examples, the
> optimization fails as entering the restoring phase with TRON. The error
> is given as: "Bus error  ./exe_Ex4: Bus error"

As I indicated in an ealier message, I cannot reproduce this error without
having your example, and I also don't have a MAC runnint OSX accessible to
me at this moment.  Therefore, it would be nice, if you could send me some
information from a debugger (such as in which routine does the error
occur, what variable is accessed when this happens etc), and I will try if
I can see where the problem comes from.  If this information is a lot of
data, I suggest you send it to me directly (in order to avoid clogging up
the mailing list).



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