[Coin-ipopt] Compiling an AMPL executable using Cygwin

Arvind Uppili Raghunathan aur at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Sep 15 17:00:19 EDT 2002

Hi Andreas,

  I had some trouble figuring out the compilation of the AMPL executable
for windows using Cygwin. I had no trouble in compiling the Fortran
executable. The compilation of the AMPL solver library was the bottleneck
in producing the executable. The file fpinit.c produced some errors when
compiled as such. I figured it was due to some system definitions that
were done at the beginning of the file. I got around this by adding the
following line,

#undef MSpc

after the following line in the code,

#endif /*MSpc*/

This seemed to do the trick. The executable runs fine. I am not sure if
this is benign. Do you have any ideas? I used the latest version of the
solvers.tar from the netlib AMPL repository.

  Just as an aside I had to add the following null definitions
in the Makefile under the following directories,

Without these I had errors originiating from Makefile.trgs present in
Might be a good idea to incorporate this in future releases.


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